About Us

Lets work together!

Feel free to contact us for the following services:
  • Website Design and Development
  • Website Administration, Updates, Revamp
  • Social Media Setup: Facebook, Instagram, etc
  • Print and Graphic Design: Company Logos, Posters, Banners, Office Stationery, Namecards, Coffee Table Books, Magazine and Newspaper ads, etc
  • Experienced Event Personnel: Registration support, staff
  • Personal/Office Assistant

What we do

We spend most of our work hours doing web design and print design.

And ever-so-often we love to get up from the desk, and run around too, so we are delighted when we're invited to provid events support.

We get very excited by the idea of doing crafts and decorations. We've made exclusive custom gift hampers, premium floral arrangements, and bespoke decor, dessert tables and doorgifts for special occasions!

Design & Print 75%
Web Admin 75%
Events Support 50%
Gifts & Decor 40%



Web Pages




Bouquets & Hampers

Meet the team

Nhazean M

Designer and Events Personnel